So here comes Uber again, taking stuff away from happy drivers. Making it more difficult to make a living. It’s already terrible as it is. Here’s a nice little video and article about it.

Uber used to allow 6 destination filters in most or all cities in the US. Now, they took away 4 destination filters in major markets, making it so that you can only use 2 destination filters per day.

Using 2 destination filters per day is not incredibly bad if you do not drive so much.

If you are a frequent driver, and you drive all day long this is going to affect you.

It’s not really such a big deal as you might think though. Here’s why: you still have another 4 destination filters with Lyft, so don’t shy away from shutting Uber off if you ran out.

Toggling the Lyft app on to get longer rides is effective even if you are going for a total number of rides in Uber Quest.

Don’t get distracted by Uber Quest anyways, because there is plenty of opportunity to make huge fares in Lyft if you open you eyes and look for Prime Time or other opportunities to get longer and higher paying rides.

If you combine Uber’s 2 destination filters with Lyft’s 4 destination filters, you have 6 total.

Don’t stress!


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