Making more money by working less?

What I mean by this is to drive less, and to work on getting referral commissions instead.

My website currently allows me to earn up to $1,303 within a week.


screenshot 1303

And the amount that I earn can grow even up to $2,500 in a week I had enough referrals lined up. If I had a bigger Youtube and WordPress audience, I would be making THAT kind of money per week.

Some Youtubers and WordPressing Uber and Lyft drivers actually make that kind of money.

I spend about 30-35 hours driving with Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, and UberEATS. This includes a little driving on Wednesday and Thursday, and the majority of my driving on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

I received a $200 referral bonus for DoorDash during this week. Also I was paid $154.10 from Google Adsense.

The rest of my earnings are from driving!

The best day of that week I made roughly $290 on Saturday!!! This includes $201 from uber, and some DD as well as Lyft in that mix too.

If there is an event going on over the weekend such as Riot Fest, definitely take advantage of this and get the HUGE Surge and Prime Time available. I think I took a Lyft ride for $42 something dollars that day for a 20 minute ride.

Massive earning potential during that weekend of Riot fest.

What about website traffic?

You absolutely have to have a website where you can set up content and linking on your side bars.

It’s really important to develop an audience to listen, read, or watch your content.

Need a website? Set up a WordPress with BlueHost down below:


After signing up for BlueHost, install the WordPress plugin and start blogging.

Even if you get a little traffic to your website, you are getting people to click your offer. Some people follow through and actually complete the trips, and you get paid.

traffic screenshot

With BlueHost/Wordpress you can see what people are clicking on:


You can also see where traffic is coming from and what pages are being visited. You can see in this month, I had 413 from Search Engines (Google). This is where SEO comes in. That’s the majority of my traffic searching for articles to solve problems, or looking for TheMoveDriver.

where is traffic coming from

Down below shows my best video with 22,000 views at the time. Some videos hold 7,000 or 2,000-3,000 views.

youtube traffic

It really doesn’t matter as long as people are getting my message. I have videos with 60 views. Other videos have trouble breaking 500 views. The number that matters is total views on the channel. So far I have a total of 60,000 total views. I want to get to a million and go from there.

I will keep making videos until my audience grows from 600 subscribers to 10,000 subscribers, and I’ll probably break a million channel views like nothing.

What matters the most to making more money with this, is that you get started on your website, and your social media. Get your site up, and build social media around it including Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, anything with high traffic.

You can see I’m publishing plenty of articles every week, pumping out videos. That’s the formula to getting a few extra hundred dollars each week. I leave my links in my description, as well as on my site. I’m also editing cool images with Canva. A totally free tool.

I make money when I sleep, 24 hours a day, and I’m going to be making a lot more money each week by exploiting this opportunity in Affiliate Marketing.

I want to get to the point where I make a full time income of $3,000 to $6,000 by just blogging and vlogging. It’s very doable if you have an audience.

I really hope this article helped you!

Thanks for reading,