I signed up for Uber 2 weeks ago from the date of writing this article. I am doing very well with it!

I am an UberX driver, with a 2014 Nissan Sentra SR. My customers love my vehicle.

So I decided to sign up for Uber in the midst of all of the chaos that the company is having with the CEO temporarily stepping down (Travis Kalanick). There is also a lot of talk about bringing back the “#deleteuber” hashtag because of how unfair Uber can be by charging customers for a more expensive route than the driver is actually paid, and several other reasons.

The funny thing is that the people that are recommending to delete Uber are people who are getting referral bonuses for signing people up, and still actually have their Uber accounts active so that they can collect thousands in bonuses. It would be a horrible idea for them to delete their account.

My recommendation is to KEEP your Uber account, and sign up if you don’t have it! Because for most people in large cities, you can make a lot of money because Uber is a big brand name with a lot of customers.

Here are 5 reasons why I now drive for Uber

1. You can make a LOT of money with Uber.

There are many ways to make plenty of money by joining Uber. A few would include actually signing up under somebody else’s referral link. I signed up under someone else and I received a total of $131 for actually signing up and completing my first trip, and completing 75 trips to meet an incentive. My first week of driving with Uber, I had a total of $402.23 from Uber. For that week I earned $1140.67 considering my Uber, Grubhub, UberEATS, DoorDash, and Lyft pay for the first week of June 2017. My biggest direct deposit was from UBER. The following week, I earned $797.77 from Uber, and I received $150 from UberEATS. The second week of June 2017, I totaled $947.77 when all payments hit my bank account. The total for the first two weeks = $2120.34 (considering additional income). I am expecting a total of $4000 for June 2017.


June 1st I actually had a Grubhub payment of $127.28. That makes $2247.62 TOTAL for the FIRST TWO WEEKS.


2. Many customers and a big brand name

If you drive both Uber and Lyft, you know that Uber beats Lyft because there are many more customers requesting rides. This is a really great thing because you don’t have to have any downtime if you are in a good area where ride requests are hot. You can easily tell by seeing surge hot spots on your Uber app.

3. Surge pricing 

Whether people are heading to work, going home, going to the bars, going to summer festivals, or maybe the weather is bad, surge pricing kicks in when customers are requesting rides in certain areas. Here’s a photo of 6.4x surge, which is 640% of an original price. If you are in a surge area where is says 6.4x surge, make sure to accept a request with 6.4x otherwise you will get a regular fare price! Watch out for that.


Here are a few of my surge rides. As you can see, a significant amount of the fare is the surge.


4. Uber QUEST helps boost your earnings

Here’s an example of an Uber Quest promotion. You simply complete X amount of trips for a bonus. Quest typically occurs on both weekdays and weekends. Here’s an example of a weekday promotion. If you do both weekdays and weekends, you can rack up a total of $150 from Quest promotions. These can really stack up.


5. Uber Referral Bonus

The easiest way to make money with Uber is to refer other drivers. Creating a website through a provider such as BlueHost and installing the WordPress plugin. Create a blog, a Youtube channel, other social media, and leave your links on your videos, etc. I’ve made thousands of dollars with UberEATS referrals, Lyft referrals, DoorDash referrals, and soon to be Uber referrals! It’s not always consistent, but if you do it, it will definitely add a few hundred dollars to your pay each month. Some people make up to $10,000 a month by promoting rideshare and delivery companies. This is a great way to create a source of passive income. By recruiting for rideshare and delivery companies, bonuses range from $25-$500 for each person you refer.

Here’s a few UBEREATS referral bonuses I’ve received by promoting on my website and youtube (SIMILAR TO UBER REFERRALS):



The most important part of promoting is actually having a website. BlueHost is a great option for hosting if you want to create a site similar to my own.

bluehost ad

Guys, don’t be surprised if you can’t make much money with Uber. It really depends how many customers are in your city, and how much they are willing to pay. If you live in NYC you are going to make a lot more money than if you lived in New Jersey. Or if you live in Chicago, you are more likely to earn more than the person living in Springfield, Illinois. Understand this before you are disappointed with how much money you make. Uber is only good if you have a great amount of customers in your area.

Haven’t signed up for Uber yet? Sign up under my link and get a bonus from $100-$1250. All links are the same, you will get a bonus that will vary by city! Check your e-mail after you sign up to see how much your incentive is worth. Be sure to complete the total trips to qualify! Click here:

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