So I decided to sign up for Uber, finally. It took me a while to finally sign up and see what everyone has been talking about for the past few years. I really wanted to know what all of the bad press was about.

So far, driving for Uber has not been incredibly bad. I signed up under someone else’s Uber referral link for a sign up bonus which stated $1250. I knew I wasn’t going to get that because Uber isn’t very honest with their promotions. I received an e-mail saying this:

$640 in total payout after 75 trips, guaranteed

Jasper, we’re excited to show you just how much you can get out of your time on the road—to prove it, we are guaranteeing that you’ll make at least $640 in total payout after you complete 75 trips in Chicago.

It’s simple:

  1. Finish signing up
  2. Complete 75 trips
  3. Take home $640 in total payout, guaranteed

So you might be thinking, wow, $640 dollars for a bonus! Or you may see that this is completely crap. I’m not actually getting a $640 bonus on top of what I make, although I am guaranteed $640 if I don’t already make that amount within 75 trips. They will guarantee the difference if I make anything less.

If you break it down to the trip, $640 divided by 75 trips means that you are guaranteed $8.53 per ride. This is actually pretty great that I am able to make $8.53 per passenger that requests an Uber.

It’s really not the best sign up bonus ever, but I will see how this pans out when I get the pay statement from the Uber partners website so that I can see how much they are actually paying to cover the difference.

From driving so far, I have been able to make good money because there are always rides, and sometimes I would get a surge.

Here are photos of some of the requests I get:

So as you can see, most of my rides are under $8.53 per passenger, so that means that I am most likely to be compensated the difference for the bonus. Maybe by a few hundred dollars.

If you do the math, $43.90/2.5 hours = $17.56 per hour. Not too bad, considering that I haven’t really gotten so many surges (only 2 trips with surge).

So far, I have completed only 8 rides. I average $5.48 per ride so far. That means I would be paid the difference of $8.53-$5.48=$3.05 bonus per ride. To sum it all up, I will get paid a total of $68.24 for the 8 rides given, instead of the original $43.90.

Take $68.24/2.5 hours=$27.29

This guarantee has allowed me to earn $27.29 per hour so far, if I end up qualifying for the bonus in the end. 🙂

On top of that, I also received a text message from Uber to “opt in” for another $100

The offer states: “Uber: Congrats- your account is now active! For today only, get an extra $100 when you take your first trip and opt-in (Insert link here).

So I went ahead and clicked the link to opt-in for the $100. I also completed 2 trips that day. It seems that Uber is really generous with bonus incentives for new Uber drivers. We how this goes as soon as I get my next pay day from Uber, and I’ll see if all the numbers are correct.

So far from my experience with UberEATS, the payouts have been pretty honest with similar bonus incentives such as hourly guarantees when the EATS platform was brought to Chicago, Illinois. With UBER I am hoping that I get both the $100 dollar bonus, and the $640 guarantee.

Overall, my takeaways from driving with Uber for the first week:

  1. YES you can make decent money consistently with Uber in a large city like Chicago, NYC, San Francisco.
  2. Driving without surge pricing will only allow $15-$20 dollars per hour in my market.
  3. Sign on bonuses seem to be incredibly generous, but still a bit deceiving.
  4. Delivery driving still pays a lot more dollars/mile than rideshare driving.
  5. Uber passengers have been just as polite as Lyft customers (so far), except they don’t tip, and don’t have to tip.
  6. I don’t qualify for Uber POOL yet. I am only to drive 1 trip at a time instead of taking POOL customers. I suppose this is to keep new drivers from being confused.
  7. I don’t yet qualify for promotions that other drivers qualify for. Although I can get surge pay.
  8. And Lyft compared to Uber? You can find out in future articles or videos. I’m still unsure at this time!

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